Harmful chemicals are everywhere around us: car exhaust fumes, second hand smoke, chemicals in our food and water, pesticides, plastics, mold, medicines, etc. Even by drinking some brands of tea that are grown in China, you risk ingesting high levels of heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and arsenic because of air pollution from coal burning, as well as high levels of pesticides. Our body can get rid of many of these chemicals, especially if they are in small quantities. However, some can linger in our system for a long time and cause problems to our health. Common problems include constant fatigue, reduced immunity, mental health issues, joint problems, skin reactions, hormonal inbalances, and infertility.

Toxin Symptoms ...

  • Muscle aches and joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Excessive bloating
  • Reduced immunity resulting in frequent colds and sinus problems
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Water retention
  • Rashes and skin problems

If you have any of these symptoms or want to detoxify your body, then based on what you need, Detox Therapitea is the perfect fit for you. Other people who had these symptoms and drank this tea for 2 months lost water weight, became more energetic, were able to concentrate better, cleared up skin problems and acne, and got rid of various other symptoms associated with toxins and chemicals.


The Detox Therapitea blend is designed to detoxify the body and remove many unwanted and harmful chemicals. It combines several Greek herbs like Alladania, Greek Lemon Verbena, Achilles Flower, and Greek Sage with ginger and turmeric. The result is a tea that promotes the burning of fat cells, and the safe elimination from the body of various chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals that have accumulated over time.

This blend was created by me, Cris Kourousis. I grew up in a traditional Greek family, learning traditional values and coveted herbal remedies passed through generations. It is these remedies I pass on to you using only the best Greek herbs to make the most potent and useful teas.

With my experience and knowledge, I can definitely say that this tea is the perfect fit for someone who needs to detoxify. Because what is the alternative? Let the chemicals and toxins stay in your body to damage your health? Do expensive chelation therapy that could results in bad side effects? Why would you do that when there is a perfectly natural remedy? Try the tea. You have my 100% GUARANTEE that it will help you and improve your health and wellness. That is why Therapitea exists in the first place, so you can have a brand you can trust to improve your health and wellness.



Drink 2 cups of Detox Therapitea every day for 8 weeks.


This tea blend will detoxify your body of many harmful chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals that have built up inside it.


Anyone who gets sick often

Anyone who wants to avoid getting sick easily during the cold and flu season


Do not consume if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

For someone who does not want to drink the tea, there are other detoxifying alternatives, such as:

  • Chelation Therapy: a medical procedure that involves injecting chelating chamicals into the body to bond with heavy metals and remove them
  • Heat Therapy: using the sauna regularly to induce extreme sweating that will help remove some chemicals from the body
  • Healthy Lifestyle: A strict healthy diet with regular exercise will help the body slowly detoxify over time


Cris, Chief Herbalist at Therapitea, is here to help you learn about wellness through Greek herbs and teas. She has years of knowledge and experience from running her own Soula's Tea Shop in Coubourg, Ontario. If you have any questions about herbs or how to treat your ailments naturally with teas, then she is the right person to ask. She would love to share her wealth of knowledge with you and help you explore the amazing benefits of her teas and getting you started on the path to health and wellbeing.

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