The Therapitea Programs Are Easy and Effective


Your company needs a corporate wellness program that works! This means it boosts the health of your employees, increases job satisfaction, boosts productivity, increases your profits, and is easy enough to motivate employees to participate. This is exactly what the Therapitea Wellness Program offers you!

Stress and fatigue cost American businesses $300 billion every year1. 80% of workers feel stressed, 61% of them get burned out, and 60% miss work due to stress2.

More than two thirds of employers offer a wellness program3 because it has been proven that the ROI is $3 for each $1 spent. However, while 75% of employees want to join wellness programs4 to improve their health, only 24% actually do5 because they find the programs inconvenient and time consuming.

Therapitea offers an extremely easy and enjoyable wellness program for the workplace that is as simple as drinking 1 or 2 cups of tea a day. Therapiteas are based on specialized Greek herbs that have been clinically proven to alleviate health issues like stress, fatigue, chronic inflammation, and sickness. Therapitea wellness programs are so effective because:

  • They're so easy, employees don't have an excuse not to
  • Almost instant results for dealing with stress and fatigue
  • Great health benefits for employees without effort
  • Big savings for employers with increased productivity

Besides, which team does not enjoy socializing and bonding over a warm cup of tea?

The Therapitea corporate wellness program costs around $400 per person per year, much more affordable than other programs. And its ease makes it attractive to employees who will participate much more willingly. Your team will appreciate your interest in their well-being, and the health benefits they enjoy as a result mean a more productive workforce at your workplace.


Stress Relief Icon
Stress Relief

Relaxes and calms without drowsiness, fostering a much happier workplace with higher morale. Ideal for stressful work environments where workers need to be alert, responsive, and cheerful

Energy and Motivation Icon
Energy & Motivation

Boosts metabolism to increase energy, motivation, and focus without caffeine. Great for increasing productivity in any work environment and helps people burn fat and lose weight

Inflammation Reduction Icon

Reduce chronic inflammation to promote healing and get rid of pain. Ideal for sedentary work environments and those where people are prone to repetitive strain injuries (RSI) like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Immunity Icon
Health & Immunity

Increases the body's immunity by strengthening its natural defences and helping it fight infections and keeping it healthy. Ideal for closed office environments where sickness spreads easily



Webnox Media is a hitech firm, based in Ottawa, Ontario, and focused on web development and marketing.

Their office agreed to share with us the results of participating in a Therapitea Wellness Program for 6 months, from October 2017 - April 2018. There were 5 participants, 2 male and 3 female, ranging in age from 23 to 48. 4 participants took the Energy+ Therapitea Program, and 1 participant took the Destressor Therapitea Program. The total program cost for 5 participants was $1,060.

Results After 6 Months:

  • There were 6 fewer sick-day absences compared to a year before
  • Every one reported an increase in energy during and after work
  • Every one of the participants lost weight, ranging from 2 pounds to 9 pounds. This was attributed to 3 factors: reduced snacking at the office, substituting high-calorie coffee drinks like lattes and frappucinos with no-calorie tea, and having energy after work to do activities and sports
  • There was an average increase in job satisfaction of 12% compared to a year before
  • Estimated increase in net income due to increased productivity: $7,200
  • Estimated ROI: $7 returned for every $1 spent

While everyone reported feeling healthier, the actual health benefits could not be measured or quantified because this was not a scientific clinical study.


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