Melissa Officinalis

My great grandmother would make this herb to help her relax when she needed a good sleep. She would also give it to my mother to calm her down when she was becoming too much to handle. My mother wished she had this tea here in Canada years ago. Μελισσοχορτο tea is great for getting a good night's rest whenever have a lot on your mind. It improves the clarity of the mind. It helps with anxiety and depression because it affects the part of the brain associated with mood.

- Cris Kourousis, Chief Herbalist

Taste: Distinct lemon scent and flavour


Stress, Insomia, ADHD

Other Benefits:

  • Enhancing memory, helpful for Alzheimer's
  • It stimulates the heart and the circulatory system, causing vasodilatation resulting in lower blood pressure
  • Fights against viruses
  • Helps with digestive disorders
  • Help relieve headaches, migraines and other pains (period pains, toothache, intestinal colic)
  • Anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial action


If taking medicine for the thyroid, or are pregnant or breastfeeding


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