Asplenium Ceterach

Scorpion is a plant widespread in the mountainous regions of Greece. It grows in the cracks of rocks and in old wall slits. The ancient Greek Dioskourides used it for its diuretic and expectorant properties. The Σκορπίδι has been used for hundreds of years for diseases of the bladder, kidney, and urinary tracts in general. It acts as a soothing, diuretic, expectorant and sweating agent. It is very good for removing kidney stones.

- Cris Kourousis, Chief Herbalist

Taste: Bitter, earthy


Βladder Problems, Bronchitis, Cough

Other Benefits:

  • It is used against bladder, urinary and kidney diseases
  • Generally acts against diarrhea
  • Therapeutic for the spleen, chest and cough


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