Our immune system is our first line of defense against germs and infections, which is why we want it to be as strong and ready as possible. Unfortunately, our environment takes its toll on our immunity. Things like stress, lack of sleep, a poor diet, pollution, and chemicals can all weaken our immune system and make us more vulnerable to getting sick easily. Worse, if our immune system is weak, it takes us much longer to recover from an illness.

Weak Immunity Symptoms ...

  • Getting sick easily
  • Taking long to get better from a cold
  • Experiencing fatigue frequently
  • Having dry eyes
  • Having cold hands
  • Getting frequent headaches, rashes, and diarrhea

If you have some of these symptoms, then based on what you're experiencing, the Immunity+ Therapitea is the perfect fit for you. Other people who had these symptoms and drank this tea significantly improved their immunitity. They got sick much less often, recovered quickly and easily, and became more energetic.


The Immunity+ Therapitea is an extremely easy, effective, and healthy solution to strengthen the immune system and boost health. It is based on Greek Mountain Tea, which has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. In addition, it contains Greek Olive Leaves which increase energy levels and give the immune system an extra kick.

This blend was created by me, Cris Kourousis. I grew up in a traditional Greek family, learning traditional values and coveted herbal remedies passed through generations. It is these remedies I pass on to you using only the best Greek herbs to make the most potent and useful teas.

With my experience and knowledge, I can definitely say that this tea is the perfect fit for someone who suffers from a lowered immune system. Because what is the alternative? Get sick all the time and take frequent medications? Why would you do that when there is a perfectly natural remedy? Try the tea. You have my 100% GUARANTEE that it will help you and improve your health and wellness. That is why Therapitea exists in the first place, so you can have a brand you can trust to improve your health and wellness.



Drink 2 cups of Immunity+ Therapitea every day for as long as you need it. This is a long-term, delicious-tasting tea that should be part of every adult's daily routine to promote health and longevity.

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This tea blend will significantly boost your immune system and help you fight off illnesses and infections. Drink it especially during the cold season to help protect you against colds and the flu so that even if you get sick, it will be very mild and you will recover quickly.


Anyone who gets sick often

Anyone who wants to avoid getting sick easily during the cold and flu season


For someone who does not want to drink the tea, there are other alternatives to improve the immune system, such as:

  • Eating a Very Healthy Diet: a diet rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals will help keep a body's defenses high. Fruits like berries, oranges, avocados, and vegetables like kale, broccoli, and cauliflower are helpful. In addition, foods high in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and eggs are essential
  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight: losing excess fat and making sure not gain it back
  • Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle: this includes exercising, sleeping well, not smoking or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Reducing Stress: eliminate most sources of stress to help relax and improve the immune system functions


Cris, Chief Herbalist at Therapitea, is here to help you learn about wellness through Greek herbs and teas. She has years of knowledge and experience from running her own Soula's Tea Shop in Coubourg, Ontario. If you have any questions about herbs or how to treat your ailments naturally with teas, then she is the right person to ask. She would love to share her wealth of knowledge with you and help you explore the amazing benefits of her teas and getting you started on the path to health and wellbeing.

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