Counting sheep doesn't work and you know it. Sitting in bed tossing from side to side and not being able to fall asleep is so annoying. And worse, you still have to get up early to go to work or do whatever needs to get done. We live in a fast-paced world, and that is taking its toll on our health and sleep habits. It seems like everything we do affects and disrupts our sleep patterns. Drinking coffee, watching TV, browsing the Internet, texting on the phone and even the lights outside our window all play a bad role. Not to mention all the worries we have going on that keep our mind active and awake.

Insomnia Symptoms ...

  • Finding it difficult falling asleep at night
  • Waking up frequently during the night
  • Not feeling well-rested in the morning

If you have any of these symptoms, then based on what you're experiencing, The E-Z Sleep Therapitea is the perfect fit for you. Other people who had these symptoms and drank this tea became relaxed and calm within 30-60 minutes, were able to sleep easily after, had a deep restful sleep, and did not wake up often at night.


The E-Z Sleep Therapitea is a unique Therapitea blend of the most relaxing Greek herbs. It is a potent natural sedative with anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, and anti-anxiety properties that puts your whole body and mind at ease and helps you sleep quickly and deeply.

This blend was created by me, Cris Kourousis. I grew up in a traditional Greek family, learning traditional values and coveted herbal remedies passed through generations. It is these remedies I pass on to you using only the best Greek herbs to make the most potent and useful teas.

With my experience and knowledge, I can definitely say that this tea is the perfect fit for someone who suffers from insomnia. Because what is the alternative? Taking addictive sleeping pills? Why would you do that when there is a perfectly natural remedy? Try the tea. You have my 100% GUARANTEE that it will help you and improve your health and wellness. That is why Therapitea exists in the first place, so you can have a brand you can trust to improve your health and wellness.



Drink 1 cup of E-Z Sleep Therapitea at night, around an hour before bed time, whenever you need it. You can drink it on a daily basis, or on days when you feel help sleeping.

Select Your Option:


This tea blend will help you relax into a deep and satisfying sleep, easily and quickly. You will wake up relaxed, refreshed, and energetic.


Anyone with difficulty sleeping well


Do not consume if you take anticogulants, antidepressants, are pregnant or breastfeeding, have thyroid problems or are allergic to ragweed.


For someone who does not want to drink the tea, there are other medical or alternative treatments for insomnia, such as:

  • Sleeping Pills: your doctor may prescribe these as a temporary last resort. Careful though. Sleeping pills are addictive, and the more you take them, the more difficult it gets to sleep without them
  • Exercise: If you exercise vigorously every day for an extended period, your body may get tired enough to fall asleep quickly. The exercise needs to be tiring and at least an hour
  • Hypnotherapy: hypnosis sessions with an experienced licensed professional can help you relax more and sleep more easily


Cris, Chief Herbalist at Therapitea, is here to help you learn about wellness through Greek herbs and teas. She has years of knowledge and experience from running her own Soula's Tea Shop in Coubourg, Ontario. If you have any questions about herbs or how to treat your ailments naturally with teas, then she is the right person to ask. She would love to share her wealth of knowledge with you and help you explore the amazing benefits of her teas and getting you started on the path to health and wellbeing.

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